Fluid or Fixed Width

Although fluid design was a more popular design solution in the early days of the Internet, it’s less popular now as a layout technique for many small and medium-size businesses, artist portfolio sites, and blogs.

Font Hinting

If a font is used extensively at text sizes within office applications its usability is compromised if it’s not hinted. Characters may break up and display unevenly leading the user to believe that it may be corrupted, or your users may complain that it is difficult to read or even completely illegible.

Let Them Hear for Themselves

What if management insists that certain elements of the site be done in a certain way, despite being informed those elements violate usability standards?

Make Your Graphics Accessible

Since graphics are, by their very nature, a visual medium, our primary focus is to make graphical information accessible to screen readers for the visually impaired.


Mix and special effects created on the live performance by me. You can feel free to download and share your thoughts.

Checklist for Better Forms

Forms can be painless or painful for visitors. Keep in mind that visitors want to get their tasks accomplished as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of effort. Proper planning and design can maximize task efficiency.


Play the song and get your pleasure. Wallpaper pack included.