Understanding Digital Data

Digital data is able to represent most media types, whether text, sound, image, moving image, or new media types such as hypertext or relational databases, in a unified way. In the end, everything is just a bit stream.

Too Light for Print

If you thought you had a reasonable amount of control over the color of your typography using CSS, you thought wrong.

Choosing Between an FBML or IFrame

One of the strategic decisions that you need to make when you create your Facebook application is deciding whether to use FBML or an IFrame for your canvas page.

Understanding RDFa

Since microformats typically don’t try to solve specific cases for niche fields, RDFa picks up where microformats leave off by adding an open-ended mechanism for extending the semantics of markup without limitations from the host markup language itself.

Calling FQL with the Facebook

The data-gathering capabilities of FQL are identical to many of the API calls. However, before dismissing FQL as redundant, it is important to recognize that FQL does have some notable advantages over API access to Facebook.

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