Big Buddha’s Secret Cave

I wrote about my radio show before. The Feel Sessions intended to blur the boundaries between genres, especially within chill-out, nu-jazz, psychedelic, deep house, trip hop, ethnic music, drum&bass, dance and trance.

I didn’t publish this set on internet before but played so many different places. Actually, i made this for the last Solar Eclipse festival and you can listen 67 minutes part of this. Originally about 3-4 hours. Mix and special effects created on the live performance by me. You can feel free to download and share your thoughts below.

Part Name: Big Buddha’s Secret Cave

Duration: 67 Minutes

Genre: Psychedelic, Chill Out, Ambient


You are searching Big Buddha’ s secret cave. Cave guardians are very powerful and mystic -you really didn’t see like this before- old shamans. You have just piece of map and on the road, you had so many trouble… Forest are very dangerous, you shouldn’t stay so much there. Because, you have no idea, what kind of spirit living there. If you can find the cave, don’t look at the stars and watch out the demons. Play the song and finish this journey.

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J. Kay

This set, story and artworks really freaking awesome! You are my hero right now. Please share your others work. Thank you very much.



Amazing Mert. I guess, you have really very big brain. :) Because, you are doing almost everything buddy. Music, Creative, Design, Company Management…

Take it easy little bit and thank you very much for sharing this brilliant music. I’m waiting more from you. What a irony ha! LOL.



Great music, great artworks. I didn’t listen like this before… You have definitely very different style. Thanks for sharing.



You are such a genius buddy. I just found you on SoundCloud and listened your set. I really loved these beats. Waiting for the others from you. Thank you very much.



…yap, finnally something online to feel with all the senses…, thank you Mert.


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