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Urban Typography

Some of the “nondesigned” typography will have been made with commercial or political intent, some will be serendipitous, or simply caused by neglect.

Too Light for Print

If you thought you had a reasonable amount of control over the color of your typography using CSS, you thought wrong.


In the early years of a child’s reading development, the attainment of mechanical skills is gained initially with the aid of a finger to help left to right progression and accurate return sweeps from the end of one line on to the beginning of the next.

Print for Partial Sight

Changes in typography affect adult readers much more than children (although print requirements for younger or partially sighted children might be more critical).

Font Hinting

If a font is used extensively at text sizes within office applications its usability is compromised if it’s not hinted. Characters may break up and display unevenly leading the user to believe that it may be corrupted, or your users may complain that it is difficult to read or even completely illegible.