Checklist for Better Web Typography

Typography influences whether or not viewers read the content, as well as having a subtle effect on how they perceive your site. Choosing appropriate typefaces and controlling their presentation is critical to conveying your message.

Understanding Digital Data

Digital data is able to represent most media types, whether text, sound, image, moving image, or new media types such as hypertext or relational databases, in a unified way. In the end, everything is just a bit stream.

Words and Type

The written word is generally seen before it is read. Typographical layout sets the mood before a single word enters consciousness.

Checklist for Better Web Graphics

Graphics are critical in defining the ambiance, appeal, and professionalism of a site. While we try to deliver engaging graphics, we must also weigh the tradeoff of increasing the download times that heavy use of graphics can entail.

Urban Typography

Some of the “nondesigned” typography will have been made with commercial or political intent, some will be serendipitous, or simply caused by neglect.

Too Light for Print

If you thought you had a reasonable amount of control over the color of your typography using CSS, you thought wrong.

Styling with SVG

Since the CSS specification itself is inadequate to handle the complexities and specific requirements of styling images, SVG includes a number of style extensions.

Choosing Between an FBML or IFrame

One of the strategic decisions that you need to make when you create your Facebook application is deciding whether to use FBML or an IFrame for your canvas page.

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