7 Desired Features of Digital Camera

Desired features of a digital camera, whether SLR or not, include:

A Higher Number Of Megapixels

More megapixels means more pixels are captured, which in turn means the image is of higher quality and can be used at larger sizes without degradation. As of this writing, the cheaper digital cameras offer perhaps 4 megapixels, while more expensive cameras may exceed 10 megapixels.

Optical Telephoto Zoom

This, of course, brings distant objects closer. The higher the number, the better. With digital SLR cameras, this measurement depends not on the camera itself but on the lens attached to it. In contrast, a digital zoom (as opposed to optical zoom) does only what Photoshop or Fireworks does when a bitmap is enlarged; that is, it invents pixels out of thin air. As a result, it’s of little worth.

Wide Angle Zoom

More of the image fi ts into the picture. For wide angle specifications, the smaller the number, the better. The better cameras have a 35mm camera equivalent of 28mm or less. With a digital SLR camera, this measurement depends not on the camera itself but on the lens attached to it.

Fully Automatic Controls, Fully Manual Controls Or Both

It depends on whether or not you would ever want to override automatic (focus, exposure time, and aperture) settings. If you require manual settings, then chances are you know enough about photography to ignore this section entirely.

Built-in Flash Or Externally-Mounted Flash

The former is more convenient, but the latter is more powerful and adjustable.

Size Of LCD Viewfinder

The larger the better.

Weight Of Camera And Lenses

The lighter the better, although this is of course a trade off with other features. SLR lenses equipped with large zoom lenses can be rather heavy.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to digital photography:

The quality of photography may not be as high as that of traditional 35mm cameras, even when wielded by professionals; only the more expensive digital cameras are comparable. However, as we have seen, high-resolution photography is probably overkill for the web anyway.

Only a limited number of images can be stored on a memory card. Larger or extra memory cards can compensate, but they can be expensive. An alternative is to download images to a laptop computer or portable storage device periodically.

Only the more expensive digital SLR cameras (Single Lens Reflex, which practically speaking means that the camera accepts separate lenses) have a large selection of fun photography toys like filters and special lenses and such. Although filters can be applied on the image later, in image-editing programs like Photoshop and Fireworks, the results are often less natural looking than when applied from a camera lens.

Extra Tip For Taking Great Photographs

Some professional photographers claim that the only difference between a professional and an amateur photographer is that the professional takes lots more pictures. A bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but there is truth to the underlying concept that we have more chances at a great photo if we take lots of shots.

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