The Oscars of Type

Ellen Lupton‘s Typographic Oscars, at

  1. Best Typeface: GeoGrotesque by Eduardo Manso, Em Type

  2. Best Actor: Mr Eaves by Zuzana Licko, Émigré

  3. Best Actress: Liza Pro by Underware

  4. Best Sans: Alright Sans by Jackson Cavanaugh, Okay Type

  5. Best Serif: Calluna by Jos Buivenga

  6. Best Superfamily: Trilogy by Jeremy Tankard, Jeremy Tankard Typography

  7. Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Giorgio Sans by Christian Schwartz

  8. Best Revival: Burgundica by Gerrit Noordzij, The Enschedé Type Foundry

  9. Best Foreign Language Font: Nara by Andrej Krátky with Nikola Djurek and Peter Bilak, Typotheque

  10. Best Visual Effects: Klimax by Ondrej Jób, Typotheque

  11. Best Free Font: League Gothic by the League of Moveable Type; revival of Morris Fuller Benton’s Alternate Gothic No.1

  12. Lifetime Achievement: Wim Crouwel

    About Video: For the occasion of the Gerrit Noordzij Prize 2009, Tobias Frere-Jones introduces the work of Wim Crouwel.

    The GNp is an initiative of the master course Type and Media and is organised by the Royal Academy of Art and the Meermanno Museum, under the auspices of the Dr. P.A.Tiele Trust in The Hague.

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