Styling with SVG

Since the CSS specification itself is inadequate to handle the complexities and specific requirements of styling images, SVG includes a number of style extensions.

Choosing Between an FBML or IFrame

One of the strategic decisions that you need to make when you create your Facebook application is deciding whether to use FBML or an IFrame for your canvas page.

The Rhetoric of Typography

It is difficult to imagine any information that does not involve some degree of interpretation. Our contemporary distinction in typography between information and persuasion reflects historic concerns about the merits of plain and ornamental styles of presentation.

Understanding RDFa

Since microformats typically don’t try to solve specific cases for niche fields, RDFa picks up where microformats leave off by adding an open-ended mechanism for extending the semantics of markup without limitations from the host markup language itself.


It’s special single production. Mix and special effects created by me. You can feel free to download and share your thoughts.


In the early years of a child’s reading development, the attainment of mechanical skills is gained initially with the aid of a finger to help left to right progression and accurate return sweeps from the end of one line on to the beginning of the next.


Legibility and readability are not the same. Legibility certainly influences readability and vice versa, but to understand how one influences the other it is necessary to consider them separately.

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