Design Checklist

The following checklist serves to summarize the major points and to help you ensure you’ve done all you should before finalizing any web site you are creating.

Tips for Hiring Freelancer

Despite how creative non-creative people may think they are, you should, without hesitation, insist that your Web client use professional artists, illustrators, and photographers to create any custom visual graphics and photographs that will appear on their site.

7 Steps Before You Begin Any Web Site

Before you begin any Web site, you must first have a good understanding of the project as a whole, as well as all the different steps or phases that you will move through during the Web-development process.

Title Tag Optimization

The single most important optimization trick is also one of the easiest to accomplish. Check out some of nice Title Tag tips and tricks.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are a primary way that many users will find your site, so ensuring that your pages will appear as high as possible in the results is a key factor in increasing the number of site visitors.

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